Who we are?

Analytics Advertising is a Data Technology company and a digital transformation partner for large and emerging enterprises with the aim of providing innovative and tailor-made solutions to help clients make informed data-driven decisions. Our key services are a combination of Data science, Management consulting, Software development and Market research.

How do we do it? We use engineering processes, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve business processes, customer life journey and identify new opportunities within the market.

In a nutshell, we tell you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong, what is working and not working based on facts rather than observation alone. We are experts in data, and we ensure that every data point is collected, analyzed and interpreted to help you create campaigns tailored for your target audience in order to provide maximum exposure and recognition for your business.

Our Mission

is to provide innovative and tailer-made solutions to help clients make smarter and informed data-driven decisions.

Our Vision

to be recognized across Africa as a data technology company and a leading provider of innovative solutions.

Why choose us

Performance optimization Our powerful data analytics help clients optimize their business performance, in terms of maximizing sales, improving customer life journey, and understanding their target market at a personal level.

Actionable insights We predict the future and provide you access to actionable insights that will help your business make intelligent and informed data-driven decisions to drive greater profits.

Customer-centric solutions We help you drive your business into a direction that focuses on customer’s needs and wants, by providing you insights that will help you create personalized content and ultimately gain their trust.

Discover new opportunities through consumer behavior Our services help clients unlock the hidden opportunities, identify trends within the market and discover present and future needs of customers.

Innovative and Tailor-made solutions Our aim is to meet the needs of our clients, by listening and understanding their business problems. We develop solutions designed to your specific business challenges and needs to reach your business goals and beat the competition.